That's What She Said!

A comic review by my non-comic reading wife!

A mother's love for her child never ends. That is the basis for Mark Mallouk's Sunflower by 451 Publishing. When CJ's daughter Tallulah (nicknamed Sunflower) and husband were killed 10 years ago, her life stopped and she couldn't move on. When a postcard arrives with one word written on it, CJ is convinced it is from her daughter, and her life again has purpose: to find the daughter she has always believed was alive. Follow her journey from the police who don't believe her, to the cop who originally took on the case who has secrets of his own, to the perfect stranger who CJ must trust if she wants to find her Sunflower. She is led on a strange adventure that she never imagined, but does so out of a mother's undying love. This story is full of plot twists along the way and is wonderfully written. It will keep you guessing and make you wonder what you would do in her position, while hoping it never happens to you.