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Are you looking for that new graphic novel from your favorite writer or artist?  Or maybe just that collection of issues they did on that one book?  Then look no further than our New Graphic Novels and New Collections sections!  They've got everything you want!  All the newest graphic novels and collections with a brief description and the expected ship date..  And trust us, the books look much better than those in that stock image to the left.  And what's up with that computer down there?  How old is that thing?  Is that a real donut?


Got a favorite title or titles that you never want to miss?  Then our Subscription Service is perfect for you!  Just select the title(s) you want and then pay via PayPal or Square.  Each month after that you will then receive an invoice for the next issue of each series you chose.  If you like everything there, then pay for that invoice and the books will be on the way as soon as they come out.  Or, if you have decided to cut a title or add a title, then simply respond to the invoice letting us know the changes you want to ADD to or DROP from the invoice.  Or, in the event you no longer want ANY comics, simply ignore the invoice.  That's right, we don't store your credit card or anything like that.  You don't pay for the invoice, then you will never get another invoice from us unless you add that title or titles to a future invoice.


Rest assured that we take superior care of all your comic books and graphic novels and ship promptly via USPS Priority Mail the same day we receive them from Diamond.  In just about every case, you get them the week they come out...not the following week like those other guys.  We also offer USPS First Class Mail for those not in a rush to get their books.  Either method, we always ship each book bagged, boarded, and in one of those awesome thick cardboard comic book mailers.  We accept all major credit cards via PayPal or Square for your convenience.

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